Recorders / Data Acquisition : HONEYWELL Minitrend QX (TVMIGR)

The new Honeywell recorder represent the latest, best-in-class electronic data recording and display technology on the market. The recorders provide reliable, easy to use operation and offer greater security with more data storage capacity than other models. The TrendManager Pro Software makes data analysis a simpler, faster process for everyone involved, allowing the import of data from the recorder, analysis and exporting of data to other spreadsheet programs.
Crystal Clear Display:
    5.7 High Resolution Digital Colour LCD (TFT)
    VGA Resolution (640 x 480 pixels)
    Clear and intuitive operation
    Industrial rugged Touch Screen with rapid navigation
    Custom Screens
Comprehensive Connectivity:
    10/100 Ethernet (DHCP), Web, Email
    TCP/IP and RS485 Modbus Protocol
    USB ports for keyboard and mouse
Data Storage:
    On-board non-volatile memory - up to 4GB
    Removable Secure Digital(SD) and USB storage
    No moving parts - all solid state data storage
Security Stringent - Total Data integrity:
    Password Protection - 21CFR Part 11
    ESS - Extended Security System
    Health Watch for preventative maintenance
    Remote Access - Advanced Software Data Analysis at your PC
    Independent Chart and Logging speeds
    Global Language Support
    Rapid review and replay of data at recorder
    Approvals - CE, CSA, UL, FM
    NEMA 4 / IP66 option
    Up to 50Hz (20 msec) Logging
    Up to 16 Analogue Inputs
    Remote Control Tool
    Reports - System Generated
    Concurrent Batch Mode

New AMS2750 Pyrometry for Heat Treat applications

The X Series recorders are equipped with functionality you need to help your heat treat process comply with the requirements of AMS2750

Process Mode

In applications where multiple furnaces are using a single recorder the X Series solution has it covered.

Each recorder can independently automatically track the scheduling on up to 6 furnaces at the same time.

Each furnace has its own status screen clearly displaying the essential information to the operator.

Process status page

Auto Thermocouple Tracking

Whether Process or Survey recording, the X Series tracks TC usage:

  • In line with section 3.1.8 of the AMS guide.
  • Fully automated and ready to go
  • Clear and intuitive summary of TC usage status

The TC use is summarised in a simple over view screen, and example is shown below. The tracking is   

TC Usage

The usage of thermocouples must be tracked and is influenced by many factors:
Type, K, R, B etc
Expendable or Non-expendable
Time elapsed
Cycles completed
Temperature of cylce

The X Series tracking takes all these into account and simply reports to you what you need to know to ensure compliance with AMS2750.

TC Use

Automated TUS, SAT and Calibration Tracking

The TUS, SAT and Calibration tracking by the X Series recorder helps you ensure that your heat treat process complies  with the requirements of AMS2750

Timers TUS warning colours

The details for each furnace tracked by the recorder is available on its own clearly labelled status page.

A traffic light system of Green, Amber and Red warns the operator of approaching deadlines.

Passwords & Security


Security is important and the AMS functions of the X Series recorders integrate fully and simply into the standard X Series password system, giving:

  • Secure traceable operation
  • Recorded audit trail
  • Multi user
  • Multi level 
  • Peace of mind



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