Honeywell ST 3000 Pressure Transmitters : HONEYWELL STD904/STG90L Series 900

ST 3000® Smart Pressure Transmitter, Series 900 Extension Models

In 1983, Honeywell introduced the first smart pressure transmitter? the ST 3000®. In 1989, Honeywell launched the first all-digital, bi-directional protocol for smart field devices. The ST 3000 Series 900 pressure transmitters continue to bring proven smart technology to a wide spectrum of pressure measurement applications. Honeywell STD904 and STG90L transmitters are designed for applications where the highest accuracy is not required. STD904 transmitter applications include water flow for utilities. The STG90L gauge pressure transmitter is typically used for pressure in water and gas lines. The STD904 and STG90L transmitter are built to the highest manufacturing standards for reliability and long life. The STD904 and STG90L transmitters can be installed in hazardous environments with options available to meet specific application needs.

All ST 3000 transmitters can provide a 4-20 mA output, Honeywell Digitally Enhanced (DE) output, HART output or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus output. When digitally integrated with Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System, ST 3000 instruments provide a more accurate process variable as well as advanced diagnostics.

Honeywell’s cost-effective ST 3000 S900 transmitters lead the industry in reliability and stability:

  • Stability = +/-0.01% per year
  • Reliability = 470 years MTBF


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