Corrosion Measurement : HONEYWELL SmartCET Single Variable Transmitter

The patented Honeywell SmartCET® corrosion transmitter uniquely provides on-line, real-time corrosion information that enriches the information in a process knowledge system (PKS). SmartCET interfaces to a DCS or PKS using a 4-20 mA signal with a HART protocol, allowing legacy system and Experion customers to have a direct method to bring the corrosion data into their system. SmartCET gives plant operators access to time-trended general (uniform) corrosion rate, which can be correlated with plant process information. Also, it provides an indication of corrosion modality (localized or pitting corrosion) detection. Localized corrosion is responsible for approximately 70 percent to 90 percent of all corrosion-related equipment failures. The SmartCET transmitter is available in two versions: a multivariable version and a single variable version. The single variable version is factory configured to output one of two types of corrosion measurements, either a general corrosion rate or a localized (pitting) corrosion indicator. SmartCET deploys a proprietary and patented automated, electrochemical multi-technique. The multiple techniques applied include LPR in combination with two more recently developed and quantitative techniques: Electrochemical noise (ECN) and Harmonic Distortion Analysis (HDA). We refer to these combined techniques as “Super LPR” Technology since it overcomes the many limitations of the more conventional techniques or the reliance on LPR solely. The main benefit is that SmartCET is capable of providing corrosion data quickly (every seven minutes) and can differentiate between general corrosion and localized corrosion with the use of a simple pitting factor. The result is that SmartCET provides a path forward for plant operators to begin solving plant corrosion problems, which represents a major step forward for plant operators to improve equipment reliability, availability and integrity.


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