Heating Elements

Industronics Service Company is your full service heating element supplier. We manufacture and supply most types of heating elements for nearly any make or manufacturer of furnaces, ovens and thermal oxidizer.

We provide a large selection of products and can custom design heating elements to meet your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on having quality products and common sense solutions to your specific heating needs.

We stock a large inventory of raw materials

We custom design elements to meet your demanding requirements.

We have the solution to your heating element needs.

We offer element design & redesign services to increase element life, increase/decrease Kw, or increase your equipment's production capabilities.

We design and provide power supply systems to optimize performance and service life from your heating elements.

Industronics has been providing High Quality, Competitively priced heating elements for over 30 years.

Industronics Service Company can manufacture and supply a wide range of heating elements, hardware and accessories for most types of heat treating and thermal processing equipment.