Combustion Products

   Air Control Valves / Regulators
       Precision Air Pressure Regulator
       Motorized Air Pressure Regulator
       Precision Air Relays
       Lock-Up Air Relay
       Instrument Air Filter and Filter Regulators
       High Pressure Regulator
       Stainless Steel Regulators and Filters
       General Service Pressure Regulator
       Electropneumatic Transducer (I/P, E/P)
       Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer
       I/P Transducer
       Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer
       Ratio Relay Volume Booster
       Positive Bias Relay
       Precision Air Pressure Regulator
       Precision Back Pressure Regulator
       Subminiature Precision Air Regulator
       Miniature Air or Water Regulator
       Miniature I/P, E/P Transducer
       Miniature Precision Air Pressure Regulator
       Explosion-Proof I/P Transducer
       L100 Bubble Liquid Level System
       Mite 70/73/74/85
       Diaphragm Cylinders
       Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioner

   Burner Controls and UV Detectors

   Control & Burners

   Custom Control Panels

   Filters, Orifices, Shut-Off Valves

   Flame Safeguard Components

   Gas Solenoid Valves

   Modular Gas

   Pilots and Ignition Systems

   Pre-piped Gas Trains

   Pressure Gauges & Accessories

   Pressure Switches


   Turbine Meters

   Valve Proving Controls