Process Heaters
Tubular Elements

Industronics provides replacement tubular heating elements for your oven, salt bath, or other application.  These elements can be formed in a variety of shapes to fit your application

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Immersion Heaters

We supply a number of different Immersion Heaters; screw plug, flanged, circulation, over-the-side, vertical loop, and many others to meet a wide range of requirements and applications.

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Cartridge Heaters

We can provide the cartridge heater you need.  We offer a large assortment of "stock" heaters for your immediate needs, or we can supply a custom manufactured heater to meet your specific requirements.  We offer a wide range of leadout options for stock or custom heaters.

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Industronics Service Company can manufacture and supply a wide range of heating elements, hardware and accessories for most types of heat treating and thermal processing equipment.