Jack Panels

To order:
Specify Code Number-ANSI calibration-single module mounting position-number of circuits-numbering sequence-number of modules left to right x number of modules top to bottom

Example: 941-K-H-24-R-2x2 Interpretation: Multi-module array, K calibration, horizontal mounting position, 24 circuits, numbered in rows left to right, 2 modules left to right x 2 modules top to bottom, for a total of 4 modules

Code No. ANSI
Single Module
No. of
No. of
Left to Right
X No. of
Top to Bottom
941 J, K, T, H-Horizontal 4 R-Row 1   1
  R/S, E, N V-Vertical through C-Column through X through
      168   28   28

Multi-Circuit Jack Panels for FS Box Mounting
These multi-circuit thermocouple jack panels are lightweight, yet sturdy. Their many outstanding features include:
  • Thermocouple alloy contacts (except R/S which are compensated)
  • Standard 7/16 inch pin spacing with 3/4 inch between circuits
  • 250ºF ambient temperature rating
  • Chioce of four, five, or six circuits per panel

Code number 940 jack panels are designed for mounting in special FS boxes (Code no. 942), which can accommodate panels with four, five or six circuits.

To order:
Specify 940-ANSI calibration-number of circuits, i.e., 940-K-6

Code No. Description ANSI
No. of
940 Jack Panel J, K, T, N, R/S, E 4,5 or 6
942 FS Box    

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